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Haytham Kenway was possibly the most irritating and frustrating person Connor had worked with. And that included riding with Paul Revere and having him scream in his ear while clinging to him back for a while night.

After dragging themselves from the water that provided their escape from the burning warehouse, Connor had gone straight to the docks, to the safety and comfort of the Aquila. He had had a chance to get warm and into dry clothes while the crew prepared to sail at first light.

He sat in his quarters after that, rubbing the burn scars over his hands and trying not to think about what he had just escaped from. Haytham would turn up eventually, hopefully the normal way by coming up the gangplank, but in the mean time, Connor wanted to put his nerves back together after the inferno.
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The interesting thing about a life dedicated to revenge, is that once one had achieved it, one can be left at a loss as to what to do next.

The first three months had been easy to fill. Not dying took up a lot of time and energy and defeating infection and internal injuries to begin healing had consumed his life for those months. There was a steady flow of people coming to the Homestead to make sure he was cared for and in his lucid moments he was grateful.

In his fevered ones, he may have cursed them for not letting him simply die, like everyone else. But only in his fevered ones.

Now, a month after he was first able to leave his sickbed, he had found one of Achilles' old canes and was making a foray out into the valley. He would ideally like to go to the cove and see the Aquila, but he would settle for making it down to the river and back again unaided.
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The longhouse had been reduced to smouldering ashes.

Around the village, voices raised in grief, screaming and crying their loss to the heavens and earth. The injured were being sheltered and tended by the river, where water was readily available to clean wounds and be sipped by those suffering burns.

Oiá:ner stood on the small hill, watching her people and clutching their treasure to her chest. When the signal came from up by the pass, she made her way to the gap in the walls, to wait for their newest orphan's grandfather to reach her.
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Ratonhnhaké:ton had left Hermann safely in his locked up apartment, sleeping off the massage and hopefully getting a decent night's rest without his body screaming pain at him.

he slipped back into his routine. Late nights out on rooftops, sleeping not really enough hours to get up and train and get on with his day.

He didn't contact Hermann. He didn't know when Hermann would be comfortable with seeing him again, so he would wait for him to make contact.
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[Ratonhnhaké:ton knew Hermann was in the town for help with his leg, but he knew that until such time as that was filled, he undoubtedly was in a lot of pain. Not just his legs, but the way his whole body was forced to twist to accommodate the bad leg.

He arrived at Hermann's apartment with his hood up and a bag slung across his back.]

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Oct. 4th, 2015 07:47 pm
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Ratonhnhhaké:ton. You probably call me Connor. I will respond when I am able.

Voice. Action.


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