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Haytham Kenway was possibly the most irritating and frustrating person Connor had worked with. And that included riding with Paul Revere and having him scream in his ear while clinging to him back for a while night.

After dragging themselves from the water that provided their escape from the burning warehouse, Connor had gone straight to the docks, to the safety and comfort of the Aquila. He had had a chance to get warm and into dry clothes while the crew prepared to sail at first light.

He sat in his quarters after that, rubbing the burn scars over his hands and trying not to think about what he had just escaped from. Haytham would turn up eventually, hopefully the normal way by coming up the gangplank, but in the mean time, Connor wanted to put his nerves back together after the inferno.

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Haytham took only a short time to prepare for the voyage. With the Templar numbers cleaved to almost nothing by Connor's blades, he had little in the way of affairs to get in order before his absence. Besides, he was anxious to catch the traitor before he slipped any further out of reach.

Connor did not get that desired downtime to recover his nerves. Haytham did indeed come up the gangplank, but without requesting permission and in the middle of the night, openly strolling past the assassin-affiliated crew. He had little experience with ships beyond being a passenger and securing the rigging on the Providence, and supposed there was no reason Connor's ship couldn't launch at night.

"Connor?" he called as he strode near the captain's quarters. "I expect you have not fallen asleep during this urgent matter."

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Haytham entered the cabin, feigning more patience in his stride than he felt as he drew near Connor's window perch. He examined the naval equipment and decor filling the room with a curious but critical eye, paying little attention yet to his son in his approach.

"Excellent. Then I presume we will be making way soon," he pressed.

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Haytham made no move to leave. Only folded his hands behind his back and turned away from an unfurled map to face Connor.

"Were that I had more business to attend, but there was little of that left after you came through with your misguided intentions and killed most of it off. A shame the one rotten limb is still left festering, at least until we catch up with him."

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Haytham's supernatural vision for details even in the dark, the second sight passed from his father to him, and from him to Connor, did not miss a thing. But he hardly even needed it to see the difficulty Connor was having with his hands.

He sighed noisily and rested a shoulder against the wall.

"And what of your hands? You obviously have some problem you're not properly taking care of. Is it going to get in the way of your handling the helm?"

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"I need little imagination for that, since you're already acting like a child," he scolded, moving closer. "Show me your hands. I will not have us wasting time arranging for a helmsman in the middle of the ocean if you're hiding injuries that will delay us later."

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Haytham examined his hands without touching him. So the fresh damage wasn't as bad as he thought given the way he was rubbing his hands, and he was about to tell Connor to yank out his splinters already and be done with it, but the patches of old scarring caught his attention. Curious.

"It's a wonder you can even climb. How did you get these?" he asked, pointing at the old scars.

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Ista? Haytham didn't know that word. But the meaning was obvious, considering what Connor had told him only hours earlier. That pain lodged in his throat once again, and he looked away from Connor's scars.

"You're referring to Ziio," he said sadly, swallowing his unwanted apologies.

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There was the accusation again. Haytham tensed, sensing the conversation heading the same way it did earlier, where Connor shut down his denial and halted the amicable direction their partnership might have been heading. He had nothing to convince Connor with, nothing to show him where mere words weren't proof enough.

He breathed out slowly, trying to dismiss some of the crush of sadness over the still-fresh news of Ziio's horrific death. And to think Connor had to carry that scene and his inability to prevent it all his life... Haytham knew personally how poisonous that agony could be.

If Connor wouldn't accept apologies or explanations, maybe he could say something else. Something he didn't like talking about.

"...When I was a young boy, my father--your grandfather, I imagine Achilles has told you of him--was murdered before my eyes. I had a sword with me, but I was too late. I could not save him."

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"No. The murderer was killed the same night, just before he would have dispatched me. I was rescued by the same man who secretly orchestrated the attack to begin with... the Grandmaster of the British Rite," he described, sounding tired. The tangle of betrayal that had uprooted his path in life was immense.

Haytham noticed Connor make room, but chose instead to take a chair next to the map, folding his hands over it as he continued to speak.

"I am surprised that you did not learn more about Edward Kenway. You might have gotten along with him, if given the chance. Like you, he was a captain, and an Assassin."

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Haytham's expression, which had been unguarded in sorrow and recollection, now hardened.

"Of course. There are many pieces of the past he would keep you ignorant of in order to fasten you to the Creed," he offered cryptically, thinking back to a confrontation in the Arctic many years ago, and his remaining loyal knight who had survived outside the range of Connor's blades.

Date: 2016-08-07 04:05 am (UTC)
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"Were you expecting a heartfelt apology now that we have use for leaving each other alive?" he asked with the usual caustic sarcasm. "I do not slaughter the innocent, Connor. Templars that do so are betraying the Order; such traitors I have cut down, just as I intend to do with Church once we catch the bastard."

It does not engender peace to cut your way to resolution! Haytham had changed through the years in the more violent and impatient atmosphere of the colonies, shedding useless virtue, but still held to solid ideals of what the Order should stand for.

"...If Lee truly had burned your village as you imagine he did in defiance of my orders... he would be marked a traitor and I would kill him myself."

But he was assured that that was not the case.


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